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My Story

I was born in the Campania region of Southern Italy, where food is almost as important as family.

Many happy weekends of my childhood were spent at La Pineta, the pine forest on the beach. Here friends and family would regularly come together, bringing their favourite dishes to create a feast for everyone to share. This place holds some of my happiest memories: the hot sun, glorious warm sea, delicious food, fun, laughter and the unmistakeable pine scent from the forest.

There is so much more to Italian food than just pizzas and pastas. I want to showcase this in my deli through quality ingredients and home cooking. I have been lucky enough to grow up learning traditional ways of cooking from my nonna and my parents. I want to share some of my knowledge with you and open your eyes to a different world of Italian cuisine.

Sample our cheeses or charcuterie delights from the Amalfi coast or the Dolomites. La Pineta provides a wide range of products that will certainly remind you of your Italian holiday destinations.

Even if you haven’t been to Italy, there’s no better place than to experience a little taste of it than La Pineta Italian Deli.



Family Photos

My dad, brother and I
My brothers, cousins and I
My dad and I eating in La Pineta
Me aged 2
Family gethering at La Pineta
family gathering at the beach
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